Sunday 22 July 2012

Feel It, Sketch It Workshop & the 62 Group of Textile Artists

Our Limbering Up Sketches

Sketch without looking!
On my recent trip to Manchester I went to the Feel it, Sketch it workshop with Rachel Howard ( at the Holden Gallery at Manchester Met University.  Rachel is a member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists and the workshop concided with their 50th Anniversary Exhibition - 62@50.  We had a really fun time sketching and mark making and got close up to the 62 Group handling collection which was also the basis for some of the work we did.  It was a hoot!  

Inspired by Michelle House
Both the workshop and the exhibition were great.  Here's the link for the exhibition:

And here's the link for the 62 Group:

If you can grab a copy of the July/August Embroidery magazine you can read more about Caren Garfen and Hazel Bruce both of whom are exhibiting.

Get to this exhibition if you can.  Be inspired!  (Also there's a really good veggie cafe over the road to take away those hunger pangs ...)

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