Poppies in the Park Knitting Patterns

If you want to get involved with the Poppies in the Park yarnstormed installation and can't get along to our workshops (or want to do some homework) here are some free poppy patterns you can use.  We are keen to have both red poppies and white poppies and would love to have roughly equal numbers of each. 

Click on the links below for the pattern you want...

Round Rib or Knit Poppies

Round rib or knit poppies

Crinkly Poppies

Crinkly poppies

Four Petal Poppies

Four petal poppies

You don't have to use these patterns - there are lots of free patterns and tutorials on the internet.

If you would rather crochet a poppy there are lots of free crochet patterns on the internet too - here are a couple to get you started ...

Woman's Weekly Patterns for a Knitted or Crocheted Poppy
Simply Crochet Magazine - Poppy Pattern

Please send or deliver your finished poppies to ...

Poppies in the Park
c/o Rowntree Park Cafe
Rowntree Park
Richardson Street
YO23 1JU

by Monday 8 June 2015 or bring them along to one of our workshops.

Thanks everyone - Happy Knitting :)

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