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3D Paper Heart Decorations

Here is a 3D hanging decoration that you can make quite quickly - fun for Valentine's Day, weddings or other celebrations.  These are made from heart shapes (obviously for Valentine's Day) but I made some round ones and hung them on my Christmas tree.  You can also string them up like bunting and have them up anytime you like.

Binchy Bauble (made from a Maeve Binchy novel)
Bauble for Iorek Burnison fans
Paper Bauble Bunting

You will need:
Paper - upcycle old books, catalogues, magazines etc.
Craft punch or template
Glue - I've found the Bostick sticki pen very good for this
String, cord, twine or yarn for hanging

To make mine I used a large heart craft punch from Hobbycraft which cuts out a heart shape approx. 7.5cm wide and 6.5 cm high (3 inches x 2.5 inches approx.).  For the circles I used a Woodware Craft Collection craft punch which produses a 2.5 inch (6.3cm) diameter circle.  Using a punch makes the process quicker but you could make a template which must be symmetrical round a vertical line up the middle.  You can then draw round it and cut out the shapes.  This method will work just as well but is more time consuming.  You don't have to cut things out so they are the right way up unless you want to.  (For example, if you are using books, your text could be on the slant or vertical it doesn't have to be horizontal for this).

Cut out hearts upcycled from old books and catalogues

I have used 12 hearts per 3D decoration but 6 would also work - the hearts would just be more spread out.  You can also use more - try experimenting and see what effect you prefer.

Next, you fold your shapes in half vertically.  The halves should match exactly.  It will be the inside of the fold that is visible on your finished item.  Consider this when you decide which side of your paper to have on the inside.  

Folded hearts

Now you want to glue the folded hearts together so that the outside right of the first heart is attached to the outside left of the next heart.  Carry on till all your hearts are attached and form a pile.  Cut a length of yarn long enough to form a hanging loop that you can use to hang up your heart and that also extends two thirds of the way down the spine of your pile of hearts.  Put some glue along the spine of hearts and on that part of the yarn that will be attached to them and press it against the spine.  Then  glue the final two hearts together to make your 3D circle of hearts making sure the yarn is right in the middle and leave to dry.  Once dry and secure hang your heart up.  Or make lots and string onto some more yarn and hang up like bunting.

Three hearts glued together
Finished 3D Paper Heart Decoration

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