Origami Fabric Butterflies

Origami Fabric Butterflies

I made some origami butterflies using some 5 inch pre-cut fabric squares (Moda Charm Squares - Sunday Picnic by Stacy Iest Hsu) that I got from Creative Quilting which have pinking sheared edges to stop them from fraying. These butterflies need minimal stitching but you do have to use an iron for the folds and be careful not to iron out your previous folds when ironing in some new ones!

The YouTube video by Red Ted Art shows you how to make simple origami paper butterflies.  You can watch it here.  Follow those instructions using fabric instead of paper and an iron to make the folds.  When you have the finished folding/ironing your butterfly, stitch the head in position...

Origami Butterfly - Front

You only need a few stitches to keep everything in place...

Origami Butterfly - Back

Then using some linen thread I knotted the end stitched through the head and knotted the other end to make some antennae. Et voilĂ ...

Fabric Origami Butterflies


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