Stage 1
First of all cut out your cardboard templates.  You can just draw round something circular if you have something that looks about the right size or you can be more precise and use a pair of compasses - your choice.  (Do try and get the inner hole in the middle though if you are just drawing round something!)

Stage 2


Next start wrapping yarn round your template.  You will have to cut lengths of yarn to do this (unless you have a very small ball that fits through the central hole!)

Stage 3

Keep doing this.  You can carry on with the same yarn or try different ones.  I usually do complete circuits of the template before changing yarns but you don't have to.

Stage 4

Decide when you have enough yarn.  This particular one has 6 circuits of yarn and will make quite a full pompom.  I started and ended with the same yarn but included 4 different ones in between.

Stage 5

Cut along the edge of the yarn circle until you have gone all the way round.  

Stage 6

Tie some yarn very tightly between the two templates to hold the pompom together.  You might want to keep the ends to tie your pompom to something  - if not trim them off.

Stage 7

Pull your templates off.  Fluff up your pom pom and trim off any stray ends.  Compete!  My pompom was about 8-9cm when finished.

Here are my templates after this pompom - I don't think I'll try using these again.  I'll just make some more.

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