Knitted Five Petal Flower

Five Petal Flower

If you want to knit a Five Petal Flower then just use the Four Petal Poppies pattern but knit an extra petal and choose whatever colour takes your fancy.  

To use the wrap and turn method for the short rows the instructions are here under Techniques. (This is optional)

Flower Centre

You may need to knit a bigger centre.  Here's a variation on Option 1 from the Four Petal Poppies pattern: 
Cast on 32 stitches
Rows 1-2: Knit
Row 3: Knit 2 together across the row (16 stitches)
Rows 4-5: Knit
Row 6: Knit 2 together across the row (8 stitches) 

Rows 7-8: Knit
Row 8: Knit 2 together across the row (4 stitches)  

Leave a long tail and thread through the remaining stitches.  Pull tight into a circle and secure. Stitch the 2 edges neatly together and stitch into the centre of your poppy


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