Fantasy Fish Knitting Patterns

Fantasy Fish Knitting Patterns

Suggested yarn - double knitting and 4mm (size 8 imperial) needles or smaller needles for a tighter knit.  However you can use any yarn and the appropriate needles for that yarn.  Your fish will turn out either bigger or smaller depending on what you use.

Both sides of your fish will be visible so please give your fish two eyes. 

The Rectangle Fish knitting pattern below involves no increasing or decreasing and is just done in knit (garter) stitch .

For any of the Fantasy Fish knitting patterns below click on the caption below the image.

Completed fish can be left at the Rowntree Park Cafe, Richardson Street, York, YO23 1JU or taken along to any of the workshops.

You can add fins to any of the fish - see the Fish Fins pattern below.

Fat Fish Knitting Pattern

Goldfish Knitting Pattern

Stripey Fish Knitting Pattern

Rectangle Fish Knitting Pattern

Cable Fish Knitting Pattern

Goldfish with Fins

For the Fish Fins knitting pattern click here.

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