Pompom Flowers & Tissue Paper Flowers

Vase of pompom and tissue paper flowers
If you want to make a vase of flowers, you can make pompom flowers or tissue paper flowers.  

Pompom Flowers

First you need to make some pompoms.  To make pompoms you can follow the instructions here.  If you want to use a commercial pompom maker I recommend Clover pompom makers which lots of craft retailers sell.  You can make pompoms very quickly using these.  Or to make little pompoms you can use a fork.  Click here for a youtube video from Bernat Yarns showing you how. 

Next you need some florists wire.  The lengths you can buy the wire in are usually ideal.  Push the end of the wire through the middle  of the pompom and bend over by a couple of inches and wind the end round the wire stem.  If the stem is too long fold up the bottom till it's the right length and wrap that round the stem.  Then wrap the whole stem in florists tape.  This covers up all the ends and makes a neat stem. 

Tissue Paper Flowers

These are quite easy to make.  You need three different colours of tissue paper and some florists wire.  Some methods suggest pipe cleaners but on the whole I haven't found them to be strong enough. You can find the instructions from KatieKay here.


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