Paper Flower Bunting

Recycled paper flower bunting

This paper flower bunting is quite easy and quick to make and you can make it out of paper you were going to recycle.  I made mine out of an old catalogue.  You need quite thick paper so that it doesn't rip too easily and isn't too flimsy.  Pick colourful pages or just text if you want a more monochrome look.  If you want to hang it outside or just make it more robust then once you have made the flowers you can laminate them and then cut them out.

1. Cut out a square of colourful paper

First of all, cut a square of paper.  This will determine what size your flower is.  From the catalogue I used to make this, I cut various different sized squares so that the flowers on my bunting would also be different sizes.  However, you could make them all the same size, or have the biggest in the centre and smaller ones going out on both sides.  My string of bunting had 8 flowers on it.

2. Fold it in half
3. Fold it in half again

4. Fold in half again along the diagonal

5. Round the open top edge into a petal shape

6. Open out your flower

Each side is different

7. Cut a centre in the same way - make it only slightly rounded

For most of my flower centres I used the same method as for the flower itself but only cut a slightly rounded edge.  For your flower centre you could just cut a circle - either freehand or draw round something the right size - cotton reels, egg cups, jar lids.  There are usually plenty of circular things round the house to choose from.

8. Open the centre out

9. Stick in position on your flower

If you are going to laminate your flower, this is the time to do it.  If not, then it's a good idea to add a bit of sticky tape at the back of the petal you are going to hang the flower from.  This means the paper is less likely to rip.

10. Add tape to the back of the hanging petal

I used a needle and thread to string my flowers together.  I used a double piece of strong thread (often called button or linen thread) for my bunting but you could use thin string or yarn.  As they are paper, do be gentle with them.  If you are too rough you might rip them.  You should be able to move your flowers along the bunting string till you like the arrangement you have.  If you have laminated your flowers, punch holes for your bunting string and use thicker string, yarn or ribbon.

11. String your petals together and hang your bunting

Hang it up wherever you like and admire!

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