Fantasy Fish - Rectangle Fish

Small pink rectangle fish with fins
Large red rectangle fish with fins

Suggested yarn - Double knitting and 4mm (imperial size 8) needles (use smaller needles for a tighter knit). 


Cast on 30 stitches (finished fish approx. 14cm x 7 cm excluding fins) - Pink fish above
Cast on 40 stitches (finished fish approx. 20 cm x 7 cm excluding fins) - Red fish above
Knit 60 rows
Cast off

If you prefer you can knit and purl alternate rows or add any other patterning you like.

The photos show the fish with fins. The fin patterns are provided separately here. 

Making up

Fold the cast on and cast off rows together. Backstitch along the length securing both ends. Turn so the stitching is on the inside.

Choose an end to be the head.
If you want to give your fish lips then do a running stitch all the way around your tube of knitting about 1cm from the edge. Pull tight to gather up the knitting and secure both ends. 

If you don’t want lips, use a yarn end to thread through the edge stitches, pull to gather up and secure.

Stuff your fish with toy filling, leaving the last 5-6 cm empty.  Do another running stitch here to gather in the fish.  This end will be the tail.  Once gathered and secured, fold the knitting flat with the seam at the bottom and stitch up the open tail end to give a vertical tail fin.  Add a line of running stitches from the middle of the tail back to the start of the tail to gather the tail to give your tail an indent in the middle.

Sew on 2 buttons for eyes or add cross stitch eyes.

Knit some fins (see fin patterns) for your fish and sew these in place

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