Owl Knitting Pattern

Knitted Owl Family

Suggested yarn - double knitting and 3.25mm to 3.75mm (size 10 or 9 imperial) needles depending how loosely you knit.  However you can use any yarn and the appropriate needles for that yarn.  Your bird will turn out either bigger or smaller depending on what you use.  Because you are stuffing the owls it is better to use a slightly smaller needle than you would usually use.

The big owl above is done in double knitting but the little owls are done in 4 ply.


Cast on 20 stitches.
Knit in garter stitch - knit every row (e.g. multicoloured owl above) or stocking stitch - knit a row, purl a row (e.g. brown owl above) or a combination of the two (e.g. pale pink owl above) until the length of your knitting is approximately 3 times the width.  

Cast off.

Note: You can vary the number of stitches you cast on and the length of your knitting for different shaped owls.

Making up

1. Fold your rectangle of knitting in half so the cast on and cast off edges are together and sew up each of the long sides.  
2. To make the ears fold the top of the head to the side and stitch the fold together.  The point at which you stitch the top to the side should be about equal in length across the top and down the side.
Diagram for stitching the owl's ears

3. Stuff your owl with toy stuffing and sew up the base.
4. Cut a triangle of felt for the beak or knit a beak using one of the beak patterns from the other birds and stitch in position.
5. Sew on two eyes - I have used buttons but you could use felt or knit some. 

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